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Nature Links - For Lifelong Learning


Nature Links serves young adults 18-30   years old with mid range intellectual disabilities. We have found that after high school many young adults have few opportunities for continuing education, job training,

or enhanced social relationships. All too often they sit home alone watching TV and the internet.

We believe that the natural world is a unique place for our students to learn models of stewardship and citizenship to benefit themselves and the broader population.

We all learn from each other. From culinary arts, habitat restoration, artistic expression, videography and storytelling, to weather studies and local history and culture—we aim to empower our students as models of healthy values and entrepreneurialism.

  1. Urban Explorers Program         

Housed at the Frost Science Museum and learning about public transportation, students explore the City of Miami as a place of employment, a cultural treasure house, and a set of resources to examine our changing natural environment. We meet MWF from 10 to 3. We also take trips around the county and listen to experts.

  1. Culinary Foundations Program

Based at the Coral Gables Congregational Church, students learn about the restaurant business, recipes, customer service, and teamwork. Classes meet Tues and Thursdays 10-3 and selected students will help serve Community dinners on Wednesday evenings.

  1. Conservation Leadership Program

Working at Miami’s Simpson Park and various community gardens, students meet Thursdays and Saturdays to work with city naturalist Juan Fernandez and others in learning about habitat restoration and the fascinating diversity of the natural world in South Florida.

Please visit http://naturelinks.net/  or follow us on Facebook.

Contact ak.naturelinks@gmail.comt or 561-632-2168 with any questions.