The AOA Learning Committee is committed to improving educational opportunities for any special population that may often be excluded from these either because of disability, a compromised economic status, or other situation.

The Learning Committee has also developed the following:

  1. The AOA Passport Program: This is a mentoring or internship experience provided to those individuals who would benefit from visiting one of the Association partners for a day, a week, or for an internship experience. These educational experiences are not only designed to provide some measure of work experience that eventually leads to employment, but also promotes independent living, social engagement as well as community service skills.
  2. The AOA partners work regularly to promote any community learning program that provides unique learning or training opportunities such as the following:

The Passport Program

The Passport Program provides individuals served by participating agencies to prepare a document tool that helps an individual to be identified by others who could sponsor or host a visit, a mentoring day, an internship or other types of experience that could be documented as a valuable community experience.

A.O.A. Passport