The AOA Serving Committee is prepared to assist those who are often excluded from valuable community service opportunities. The Committee works to find three levels of service opportunities for persons who may have limited mobility, may need assistance to reach service sites, or those individuals who have great service skills but need some kind of assistance in finding the right service opportunity.

Persons who need social services in our community also want to have a share in serving others either through general community support of initiatives or direct volunteering and various forms of community service.

The Serving Committee seeks to promote the inclusion of vulnerable populations in community service.  They do this through sponsoring events where those who are elderly, those who have disabilities of various kinds and those without transportation, may still have opportunities to serve their community.


Available to everyone

Service Activity:  Promote the AOA’s Star Organizations.

How to do it:  Take advantage of every opportunity to tell others you meet or talk to about our AOA Star Organizations.  The following are a list of these:

The Miami Heat Wheels:  This is a wheelchair basketball team that has had great success.  Please visit their website at and then encourage others to attend their games and generate others kind of support for the team.

Nature Links:  This is an outstanding program for young adults with developmental disabilities who receive training in the natural environment (developing organic gardens and other outdoor projects) or in the culinary arts to improve opportunities for employment and to develop greater independence.  Visit their website at to see how you can help.


Available to those who can obtain transportation to a service event.

How to do it:  Watch our calendar for announcements of Community Volunteering Events, then arrange to visit and participate.


Available to those who can travel independently, who can provide a service from two to five days a week.

How to do it:  Contact an AOA representative to determine if we can match you to one of our associating agencies as a volunteer.  You may call (305) 794-3861.